All peoples of all nations must join hands in a unified effort to stop the spiral toward the ultimate destruction of civilization and ultimately the human species.

If the peoples and nations of the world continue to bicker, quarrel, and wage war and terrorism against one another, the quality of life for all with continue to decline.

If we continue our senseless plunder of Planet Eden, we will end up destroying the very life support systems that make our lives possible on Earth.

All peoples of all faiths and of all nations must forget the misunderstandings of the past including those which resulted in armed conflicts and loss of life.

The sheep must learn to not fear the lion and the lion must become the protector of the sheep.

The Protestants and Catholics of Northern Ireland must embrace one another, as they are all the children of God. The Jews and Moslems of the Middle East must learn that mutual respect and understanding will bring joy, peace and prosperity.

The various peoples of Africa must reach out and help each other. The strong nations must help the weak. Africa is blessed with a rich heritage of many languages and cultural traditions. Each group must learn to respect the traditions of their neighbors.

If every person and every nation and every multi-national corporation will adopt as their code of ethics THE GOLDEN RULE OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM, our world will for the first time in human history, be at PEACE!!!

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